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1/27/14 Monday

New year, I decided to kick it off with a personal 30 day challenge. I’m going to write down what I eat and cook my own meals 6 days a week. I need to go to WF tomorrow or Wednesday and pick up supplies to make bone broth. For now, I have a good start w/ 3 crock pot meals ready to make and one already on!

B: iced coffee w/ cream 9

L: 2 eggs, hot sausage, baby carrots & 1T sunbutter. 1

Sn: hot tea 4

Free Yoga 6:30-7:45

D: turkey/squash chili w/ sour cream, diet pepsi 8:15

Water: 36oz

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9/2 Monday

L: 1/4 cider, 1/2 apple, Lara Uber bar. 2:30

Sn: Iced coffee, 4; iced coffee, 6

D: mascarpone mushrooms & chicken over green beans. 8

Sn: clementine 9:30

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9/1 Sunday

L: leftover fritata (see Sat), 2

Sn: salad (see prev.), 5 

Sn: 1g white wine, 7

D: diet dr pepper, lemongrass chicken w/ rice, 9

Sn: ginger ale, 12:30

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8/31 Saturday

B: arugula salad (see W), 12:30

Sn: Iced coffee w/ cream, 4

D: fritata w/ 3 eggs, 1.5 short ribs, caramelized onion, 1c spinach. 2 sq dark chocolate. 2 clementines. 7:30

Sn: baby carrots, 8

Sn: Milkshake, french fries 12:30 pm

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8/30 Friday

B: cherry nut lara bar, iced coffee 8:30.

L: lamb w/ tzatziki, cucumber & tomato salad, 12:30.

Sn: iced coffee, 3:30

Sn: 2 ciders, 8-10

D: 3 short ribs (korean style recipe) 10:30

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8/29 Thursday

B: lemon lara bar 11

L: curry w/ cauliflower, spinach, chicken, bamboo shoots, snow peas. 12:30

Sn: yogorino w/ hazelnuts & chocolate. 4:30

D: more curry 8:30

Sn: cider 9

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Food Log: Law School Edition

To help me stay honest during the first few weeks of law school, I am re-starting this food log. I may not be totally paleo & GF, but I want to at least keep track so I can see how I feel and make adjustments as needed.

8/28 Wednesday (First day of class!)

B: Iced coffee w/ cream, 8:45 am. Banana Lara uber bar, 10 am

L: 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, salsa verde & 1c creamy arugula salad w/ apples, cucumber, & pecans (dressing=greek yogurt, lime juice & zest, dill, 2 egg yolks), 12:30 pm.

Sn: Iced coffee w/ cream, 5 pm.

D: 1 chicken thigh, 1/2 c spinach, 1/2 c marinara, 9 pm.

Sn: 1/2 lb baby carrots, 10 pm

Sn: 2 sq dark chocolate, 11:15 pm

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Day 9, Thursday 6/6

B: iced coffee w/ cream

L: terryaki chicken, rice, steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, zucchini, cabbage). 3:15

D: denver omelette, home fries. 9:15

Fell asleep for about 30m waiting for Ryan to get home. Sleep at 1, up at 8:30= 8h sleep. 

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Day 7-8, Tuesday & Wednesday, 6/4-5

Tuesday, June 4

B: iced coffee w/ cream. 9

L: bowl w/ chicken, a little rice, onions & peppers, salsa, guac, lettuce. 4

Session, 7:30

  • Snatch: [35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75*] (this is a 20lb pr since Saturday! OLY Basics really helped)
  • 5m AMRAP DUs = 30, in 15 sets, most = 8

D: hamburger w/ bacon, mushrooms & cheddar, steamed mixed veggies w/ butter (squash, broccoli, carrots), 2 glasses red wine. 10:30

Fell asleep around 1:30, up at 8:45 = 7h15m sleep.

Wednesday, June 5

B: iced coffee w/ cream. 9

L: lemon lara bar. 12:30

Sn: cherry lara bar & cashew lara bar, 4

D: Tandoori-rubbed baked chicken (2 thighs, one drumstick), 1/2c curry cauliflower & potatoes, 1/2c rice. 12:30

Fell asleep around 1:15, up at 4:45, back to sleep around 5:30, up at 7:30= 5h30m sleep.

I have been trying to make a really stressful, important life decision over the past few days. Non-BCCC, my reaction would be to eat junk to distract me from the stress. Because it was BCCC, I ended up just not eating a lot, especially Wednesday. Let me be the first to say that this was a terrible solution. But, knowing it intellectually in the moment and doing something about it were two very different things.

Also, I got a free jar of sunbutter today from a friend, but it’s not the green kind so I can’t eat it :(

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Day 6: Monday, 6/3

B: iced coffee w/ cream. 9

Sn: 3 turkey sticks. 11

L: cherry lara bar, 1/4lb roast beef & 1/4lb roast turkey w/ salsa. 4:30

D: chicken curry w/ carrots & potatoes. 10:30